Canadian Author to Donate all Royalties to Support Relief Efforts in Fort McMurray

Canadian author, Kristan Cannon, has thrown her support behind Fort McMurray and the disaster relief effort through donating all of her royalties, from today until the end of May 2016—with a possible extension into June 2016.

“I couldn’t sit and do nothing, not after seeing the videos and images of the city,” Cannon said. “Fort McMurray is the same size as where I grew up. All I could imagine was how horrible it must be to have to pack up and leave everything behind, knowing that you’ll likely never see your home again… and then I couldn’t imagine it happening to North Bay.”

Fort McMurray is a city of approximately 80,000 people in the Canadian province of Alberta located north of Edmonton and Calgary. Wildfires have decimated the city. Images and videos from citizens fleeing the area on the internet show scenes most would expect from a Hollywood produced movie. Over 49 wildfires are currently listed as active, and those numbers continue to grow as the fires rage out of control. As of this moment over 100,000 people have been displaced and evacuated. Some have even been evacuated twice when their safe havens ended up threatened by the very fires they sought to escape.

Donations and relief are being coordinated through the Canadian Red Cross, and numerous fire crews from around Canada and the US are currently on scene attempting to gain control of the situation but, so far, have had no luck and the situation continues to grow worse with each passing moment.


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