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Creating a Marketing Plan ~ Headtalker

Last week we took a look at adding Thunderclap to a marketing plan. This week, we’ll be discussing the only real competition in crowdspeaking platforms – namely Headtalker.

The basic ideas behind a Headtalker campaign is the same. You create a personal message that you want to be seen by a large number of people. There are, however, a number of things that are different to take into consideration.

1. All campaigns are authorized within 24 hours of submission.

2. The platform is free. There is no need to upgrade to a better package. They are all the same.

3. The minimum number of supporters needed is only 25. This number can be increased if you wish to an number of your choice. You could choose 26 or 42.

4. There is more control over your platform. More changes are allowed after the campaign is live.

5. There are four types of social media that can be used to support a campaign, adding Linkedin as an option.

6. Each type of social media counts as one supporter. That translates into the ability of one person to count as four separate supporters towards your goal.

There is a marketplace for buying or selling support. Prices start at $5.00 and go up. The more famous the person or the bigger their social media reach, the more expensive their support is.

7. They have a number of twitter accounts that support a campaign as soon as it goes live. It is possible to start with up to ten supporters within a minutes of campaign launch.

8. With the social reach boost to start off a campaign, it is almost certain to be listed as trending for at last the first day on the home page.

9. There is room for visitors to comment on the campaign page.

From my personal experience, the minimum goal of 25 supporters isn’t going to give you enough reach to be useful. In my opinion, you are better off to ignore the initial boost in social reach numbers and set a higher goal for supporters to rival Thunderclap numbers.

It may seem like a good idea to run both crowdspeaking campaigns at the same time. Keep in mind you have to find supporters for both campaigns. Overlapping the same social reach will give you very little benefit. Leave some time in between campaigns.

Both forms of crowdspeaking have their merits. It’s up to you to decide if one or both fit well in the plan you have for marketing your work.

Join me next week, when I take a look at Blog Tours. Thanks for reading.

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