How do you deal with writer’s block? That’s probably the most frequently asked question of any author and their least favourite to answer. I decided to tackle finding an answer in 2017 by drawing inspiration from other forms of art. Once a month I’ll be trying something different and discussing the results.

For January, I attended Shen Yun 2017, a world-class music and dance production that draws on China’s unique heritage.

There is definitely something for everyone in this one production. Whether you are interested in history, culture, myths or lore, current events, music or dance, it’s all there. Two hours are jam packed with a wide array of emotions, from humour to amazement.

Vibrant costumes and special effects really make this performance pop. My personal favourite scene being Yellow Flowers. The technical precession of the dancers is undeniable. I have never seen anything that can compare.

Attendees can expect to enjoy an amazing show, no matter which ticket they purchase. There isn’t a bad seat in the house. I believe it is that attention to every individual in the audience that makes Shen Yun 2017 extra special.

If you’ve seen a Shen Yun performance before, don’t worry, they change it every year. I’m looking forward to a brand new performance in 2018.

The only real criticism of the show I have is that in my opinion there was a bit of a political agenda attached to a couple of the scenes. While that doesn’t necessarily take away from the enjoyment of the production as a whole, it may bother some viewers.

Are you wondering about the results? I came home with an imagination swirling. So many ideas crowded my thoughts, I couldn’t sleep. Instead, I sat down and wrote more than I had in the past month, in one night.

January’s visit to Shen Yun 2017 was, in my opinion, a success! Now to keep that creativity flowing. In February, I’ll be taking in the ballet with a few friends. I hope you’ll join me for those results next month!

Thanks for reading The Write Information.