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Literary Halloween Costumes

With Halloween fast approaching and this month’s genre being horror, we’ve put together a list of creepy literary inspired costumes for you.  These are just some examples of bookish costumes which are primarily of the spooky or dark persuasion, but of course there are countless other characters to choose from out there, so pick up your favorite book and get creative!  Here’s our list with suggestions on what your next lit inspired costume could be!

Gashlycrumb Tinies

This macabrely cute lesson in the gashlycrumb_tiniesABC’s is a great source of inspiration for those looking for a unique literary inspired costume.  The cover of the book features a grim reaper waiting to take all the unfortunate kids who meet their untimely deaths as you go through the alphabet.  This would be a relatively simple costume, if you can get the long black dress coat, a top hat, and tatty umbrella you’re halfway there!  Paint or print large versions of the kids on poster board and attach them to the bottom of the coat.  Put on some skull makeup and you have a cute and slightly unnerving bookish costume!  Take a copy of the book with you to parties and start reciting the alphabet every time someone asks what you are!

White Witch from Chronicles of Narnia

swu1mttkamtcs52aq2xaohwThough not classic horror, the Snow Queen of Narnia has always had a bit of a creepy quality, especially when played by the vaguely ethereal Tilda Swinton.  This one might be slightly more work, but with an icicle crown  and silver dress, likely easy to come by at the costume store, you can focus on the makeup.  Many Halloween stores and sites sell special effects makeup, including fake ice crystals.  These are super fun to play with, and adding some to your brows and cheekbones will give you the frigid look you’re going for.  Be sure to include lots of white glitter, silver eyeliner, and white mascara and you’ll be forcing eternal winter on Narnia in no time!  Don’t forget the treacle tart and frozen scepter!

Annabel Lee from Edgar Allen Poe

s0hy73zm22_2qd5oscgaevqPoor, sweet Annabel Lee from the Kingdom by the Sea.  She was killed by a “cold wind” which could mean any number of things so this costume could be taken in several different directions.  Many fan art creations of Annabelle Lee have her in the sea itself, so you could go with a drowned look as well.  One of the main things to keep in mind is the time period in which this was written.  There are several styles of dress which were popular in the 1840’s to choose from.  From there you could have blue lips and pale skin, or you could oil your hair and go for a drowned look!  

Ringwraith from Lord of the Rings

scup1l30ms8dz3u3vgm2b4aThe iconic Ringwraiths from Tolkien’s epics are perfect for a literary inspired costume.  There are two options one could take with this costume; the classic black robed wraith, or the ghostly undead king.  The classic robed Ringwraith would be easier as all you would really need would be a tattered robe with a large hood and some articulated gauntlets.  However, you can also go with the ghostly versions of the former kings which Frodo sees when he puts on the Ring.  If you’re very good with special effects makeup you could go all out on this creepy costume with gaunt, undead face makeup, spiked crown, and ancient dark armor.  Either way, you’re sure to win your next costume contest with this creepy getup!

There are plenty of character options out there that would make great Halloween costumes, so get reading!  


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Kayla lives in the mountains of Colorado with her husband and two cats. She writes SciFi, Fantasy, and Horror stories, and is working on publishing her Dark Fantasy epic Black Soul. When she is not writing she spends her time participating in geeky past times such as video games, Magic, and D&D.

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