A Muse. It isn’t surprising that it’s absolute definition alludes most artists. Even in a dictionary, its meaning is vague. After all, a source of inspiration could be anything. In most cases, we hear of people referring to a specific person or work of art as their muse. Then there are those who, like me, are plagued by a muse that never stops its barrage of ideas targeting the mind – our own imagination.

At night, I lie awake as the muse begins its work. Night is the best time to fully engage my attention as the mundane thoughts of day to day life dissipate to allow the body to relax. Like a light turning on I hear a click – the movie begins to play. I don’t move, hoping to fall asleep and after a few hours I do. The next day my family is stuck hearing about what an interesting idea I had for a story. The response to which is always the same – “Aren’t you already working on enough stories already.”

Of course, they are correct. I am in the process of writing five different books right now – I can’t possibly take on yet another project. This story will have to wait.

The muse, however, doesn’t see it it that way. As evening comes, the same story plays out over and over. An appointment in the morning looms over my head. I need to sleep, but the story doesn’t stop. The muse demands it be written. By the fourth night I have no choice but to listen.

And so a new story is written…

The muse doesn’t stop its badgering until the first draft is complete. Now it sits and waits until I have time for re-drafting and editing – along with my other five projects.

People ask me if I ever experience writer’s block. My muse would never allow that. I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse.

Thanks for reading The Write Information.