The Last Day of New Paris by China Miéville – Releasing August 9th 2016

A weird science, alternate history dream! After Paris falls to Germany in World War II, many anti-fascists, artists, and surrealists take shelter in Marseilles. In order to fight the Nazi’s, one such exile decides to create a surrealist bomb. Unfortunately, the bomb is detonated and a “Surrealist Cataclysm” drowns Paris in a wave of weaponized oddity and dream logic.

Machinations by Hayley Stone – Releasing July 26th 2016

It’s the Robopocalypse! In a future where robots were created to put a stop to the endless wars, they come to the ever logical solution of “kill all humans, for their own protection.” This action filled Sci-Fi focuses on the struggles of resistance fighter, Rhona Long, who dies for her cause only to be brought back in the body of her clone. While she maintains her memories, DNA, and personality, Rhona must find her place in her “new life” and save humanity from extinction.

Horizon Alpha: Predators of Eden by D.W. Vogel – Published May 19th 2016

Dinosaurs! Planetary exploration! Humanity on the brink of extinction! Two hundred years after the Ark Horizon Alpha landed on what was supposed to be the new Eden for humanity, the only barrier between the survivors and hungry dinosaurs is running out of power. It’s up to Caleb Wilde, and his band of teenagers, to find a new source of power before the fences go down and the last humans are eaten.

Everfair: A Novel by Nisi Shawl – Releasing September 6th 2016

A Steampunk alternate history set in an imaginary utopia in the Belgian Congo. Everfair follows multiple perspectives from many different backgrounds during an alternate version of the colonization of the Congo, with a fantastic, neo-Victorian steam technology backdrop.

Time Siege by Wesley Chu – Releasing July 12th 2016

Book 2 of Wesley Chu’s Time Salvager series. Earth is a toxic wasteland in a Solar System now ruled by corporate greed and corrupt military powers. James Griffon-Mars is a fugitive on a mission against these ruling powers, saving scientists from the past in order to renew Earth for the future.

Night Without Stars by Peter F. Hamilton – Releasing September 27th 2016

Book 2 of Commonwealth: Chronicle of the Fallers series. Humanity on the isolated planet of Bienvenido is facing extinction from the Fallers, a ruthless alien race bent on universal domination. Resistance leader Kysandra is attempting to unite the people and the government against the latest invasion while facing opposition from all sides. They need the Commonwealth, but they’ve been out of reach for generations. Bienvenido will need to resort to desperate measures or face total annihilation.