pexels-photo-14398October’s Genre of the Month is, of course, horror!  So we have some horror themed open writing prompts to get your heart racing and your spine tingling!  Use as many as you like, and feel free to share the results with us, we’d love to read them!  

1. I woke from a coma in a military hospital.  With some effort, I managed to get down into the lobby which was full of armed soldiers, all standing battle ready before the doors.  Outside, monstrous creatures with multiple limbs, twisted and exposed bones, and dozens of gibbering maws were slowly breaking in.  When I asked one of the soldiers what the hell those things were, she looked at me and said, “They used to be human.”

2. We finally saved up enough to renovate our old house, and we managed to get ahold of the original blueprints.  When we looked at them, however, there was an extra room in the plans that we had no idea existed.  We decided to open up one of the walls to see what was inside.  That was the biggest mistake of our lives.

3. When the little girl had drowned in the lake, she was very scared about what would happen next.  But when she met all the other ghosts who “lived” in the graveyard, she began to think that maybe the afterlife would not be so bad after all.

4. My truck broke down in the back woods by some middle-of-nowhere town.  It was the kind of place you’d see full of deranged killers in cheesy horror flicks, but really they couldn’t have been nicer to me.  They fed me, helped me push my truck to their local garage, and even offered to put me up for free at the little bed and breakfast.  Unfortunately for them, I’m the deranged killer.  

5. When I got the teaching position in Japan, I was so excited.  The town I was assigned to was an ancient mountain village where I was given my own house to stay in.  It was old, and a little too big, but I really loved it.  After a few nights, however, I began to notice strange things.  There was the smell, a coppery smell that was acrid and strong, which would fade in and out.  Then there was the sounds, like something scratching under the floorboards or the small tinkling of bells.  But the worst is the stain.  I thought it was just a water stain on the wall that was dripping down from the ceiling, but every night it’s gotten bigger and it’s starting to look like a face.  Maybe I’m going crazy, but I feel like it’s watching me.  

6. Our submarine went down near the Mariana Trench in the middle of the night.  We’ve all tried to remain calm but the fact is there is no one who can save us.  Our air is running out and water is slowly leaking in, and we’re too far away from anyone who can do a damn thing about it.  I’ve resigned myself to the fact that this metal coffin is where I’ll die, but some of the crew have started to loose it.  Becker keeps saying he can hear someone on the outside knocking to get in.  

7. The world has gone to hell.  People are dying left and right, and the dead are rising to eat the rest.  It’s your classic zombie apocalypse and I’m stuck in the middle of it.  We were all caught off guard by the outbreak, but I guess most people aren’t expecting an undead uprising.  Luckily, for me, I’m a gamer.  

8. I don’t know why I agreed to join this stupid secret society, but my friend insisted it was the greatest thing he’s ever experienced.  When we got there everyone was wearing these creepy dollar store masks and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the cliche.  They gave us some drug, a pill of some kind, and I felt pretty good for a while.  When we started the feast, everything was pretty normal, the spread was decent with some kind of roast.  Then the drugs started to wear off, and that’s when I realized the roast wasn’t what I thought it was.