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Picking Yourself Up


I wanted to apologize for my lack of an article last week. We all hit bumps in the road from time to time. This semester I seem to have hit a bump and fallen face first into a truck full of fertilizer. I have a… brace yourselves… 45% in my current class. I know, I know. I can hear you all clutching your pearls from here. It is not my normal work ethic and I am certainly not proud of that number, BUT I can and will move past it. I am back on track.

So what kind of things can cause life hiccups that large? Everything. Anything.

For me it’s been getting our first foster care placement. The first couple of weeks of settling in have been rough at best not for anything serious just BUSY. I feel like we’ve been running non-stop. Visits. Doctors appointments. Clothes shopping. You name it and we’ve had to do it. And how does the third largest school district in a state completely LOSE a child’s records when the child has been in the district for 10+ years? All this on top of a wild case of the viral kind of Bordetella (that would be Kennel Cough, yes humans can catch it) that’s been ongoing for the better part of three weeks now and has infected my husband and all three of our dogs (nearly killing one). Chaos does not begin to describe things.

These kinds of things can happen to anyone. We all have rough patches. The trick is the bounce-back. I know I’ve let a lot of stuff slip. I’ve communicated with my school and made a commitment to do better. I’m not in any major danger of losing my aid or anything but it means I will need to work extra hard for the rest of the school year to stay above that 3.68 GPA line.

It’s all about commitment to yourself. No matter what knocks you down you have to be willing to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. No one can do it for you. People might be able to HELP you do it, but you have to be willing to help yourself. And you CAN do it. Go out there and tackle your goals. Keep your support system close but remember you are responsible for you and all it takes is one second to make the choice to get up after being knocked down.

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As a staff writer here at Books & Quills, Trish Olson provides insight into the world of Online Colleges, focusing on English related majors. She is currently a junior at Southern New Hampshire University where she is working on a BFA with a double major of Creative Writing with a concertation in Fiction and English Language and Literature. Trish is preparing for a career as a full time writer and editor.

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