Ms Kenyon continues her League series with the story of Jullien and Ushara. Jullian, an assassin with a price on his head, makes a daring sacrifice to save a child as what he believes is his last act before dying. Ushara is torn between her devotion to her people, and the person who saved her son’s life. Her only hope is to save them all is to trust the one person whose family she swore to kill.

Ms Kenyon’s work has three main themes running through all of her work. Every single being has flaws (nobody’s perfect). There is at least 2 sides to every story and often you feel for both sides, and there is not one that is beyond redemption. She utilizes the third theme the best in this book especially. The characters in this series live in a brutal, violent world where anyone will sell out for the right price. True friendship, trust, and loyalty are rare especially in the upper reaches of power, where even families will wipe each other out for gain. I was convinced that Jullien was the bad guy, but this book taught me (again) that like all the characters in the series, there is rarely one way to see them. Jullien and Ushara are amazing, she is a strong female in a primarily matriarchal society and knows just how to handle him. Ms Kenyon shows us his backstory a bit more and you understand why he is the way he is. There are some triggers in this book concerning the abuse he has encountered with his family but they do add significant details into his character.

Overall, this is an excellent addition to the current line up. My only complaint is that this was a really long book, it needed to be but 700 plus pages could have been done in 2 books rather than trying to cram it all into one. It took me longer than usual to finish it and there were spots where I found it hard to follow the time jumping. I would however recommend this to anyone who has enjoyed the last 8 books in the series.