One thing I love about John Wyndham’s writing is that he takes our normal everyday world and changes one thing and shows us how simple our lives could be changed forever. Most known for his book Day of the Triffids, he has written many more equally good and haunting tales. One of those being Chocky written in 1963. It’s about a boy named Matthew who is 12 and is just your regular kid.

His mother wants him to grow up normal, be healthy and go to a good school; what any set of parents should want for their child. All is fine till one day Chocky shows up. Chocky is the voice of an advanced alien life form that is contacting and observing Earth through the eyes of this boy. Naturally his mother freaks out that he is talking to this voice in his head and sends him for tests.

His father is the one telling the story and is less worried thinking in time this will all pass. He is the only one who seems to believe his son when Matthew tells him Chocky is real.

A short book but it makes you wonder. Not written to frighten you but just make you think. It’s a great tale and appropriate for all ages. I recommend it to anyone who has had an overactive imagination or overbearing parents who just didn’t get it.