This is an old sci-fi story from 1951 written by Edmond Hamilton. It’s about a city that is taken from Earth in order to preserve the human race. The aliens had been watching Earth for a long time and knew that humans main goal was to keep and preserve life. So they took what they thought was the best city off that. The people try to explain that their city was the center point and could only maintain itself with outside resources.

The aliens do their best to compensate for this. Humans being humans want to go back to Earth but when they find out they are 10000 light years away and if they did get back all they knew would be gone they chose to revolt against the aliens. It’s quite a compelling story because some humans chose to stay in the old city and others make a new one.

I was disappointed by part two. I didn’t even know there was one until I got to it in the book. Part one was a great and the story kept you wondering. Part two seemed forced, like he was told to write it . All the questions were answered in book one, leaving you with a “now what?” feeling. Sometimes you want to use your imagination and not be told everything. This second part kills that. Still, it’s worth a read and worth looking into.

Rating: 3.5 stars