It was easy to tell Jeremy was blind. It never occurred to me I was just as blind as he was. Not until it was nearly too late.

Cassie is used to looking out for herself. It’s been ten years since her mother died and she was put into foster care. When she meets Jeremy, she isn’t planning on making a friend. But he might be the one person who’s been dealt a rougher hand than she has. When Jeremy finally opens up his guarded past he makes her promise not to tell anyone. Now Cassie is left with a choice. Keep her promise and Betray the only friend she’s ever had.
Or don’t keep it, and betray herself.

–back cover of I’m on Your Side by Emily Vaughan

Someone recommended this book to me, and it sounded very interesting. I’d read about just about anything involving foster care, and the book I find are far and few between, so I was excited. About halfway in I realized that this was by an Indie author, and I got even more excited.

I definitely was not disappointed. This book was the type of book that is absolutely captivating.

Cassie was one of the most realistic characters that I have read about in a long time. She showed the inner struggle that most foster kids have. She was angry. She had a very hard time accepting that her foster family might actually be the one that sticks. She expects to be sent away, just like she always is. Her voice was strong and easy to read.. Her foster parents, Megan and Bill, were great too. I loved how caring they were. Daniel, her foster brother, had his teasing moments like most (or would all be more accurate?) brothers, but at the end of the day, he always had her back. I even loved the social worker, Ms. D., and Cassie’s birth mother who only lived in her memories. Then there was Jeremy. Jeremy was wonderful and heartbreaking and cynical.

There were a few things that I think could’ve been done a bit better. Megan and Bill could’ve been a bit more realistic. At times I felt like they were too perfect, but not to the point that they weren’t enjoyable to read about. I also would’ve loved to hear a bit more about Jeremy’s struggle being blind.

The plot was intriguing. At times I felt like I knew where the story was going, but the author always surprised me with what happened. The plot was raw and beautiful.

Her writing style was simple and easy to follow. Some of the formatting made it obvious that it was a self published book, but not to the point that it took awhile from the story.

This book was really great, and I give it 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.