We are all guilty of contributing to the corruption of the young in Hollywood. The Paparazzi take the pictures, the reporters write the stories and the masses rush to find out what the latest scoop is on their favourite actors and actresses.

Ramdhanie takes us into the mind of a fifteen year old starlet. The main character, Estelle’s life is in a dark place and, with some unpredictable twists at the end, it becomes even darker. We see the effects her past relationships, pressures of work, drugs and alcohol have on her life. The author uses the main character’s need for an emotional attachment to fully capture the effects of the inability of young teens to differentiate between love and sexual activity.

Because of the nature of some of the themes in this novel, I would list it in an adult drama genre that is not appropriate for all teens. Even though the main character is fifteen at the beginning of the book, she goes through some very difficult decisions, including some which are illegal.

Ramdhaine’s writing style is entertaining and kept the pages turning to the end. The ebook version was well formatted and easy to read. The characters are for the most part believable, although at times, their decisions seem to push to the extreme side.

The portrayal of alcoholism and drug abuse is well executed throughout the book. I would have liked to have seen an equal focus put on the process of becoming sober. In my opinion, this aspect was skipped over quickly, making it seem a little too easy. The author may have missed an opportunity to add a little bit extra to an already good read.

Rating 4.5/5. Recommended for ages 16+