You are indestructible.

These are the words that transfer an astonishing power to Jacob Fielding….. and they change everything. When Ophelia James, the beautiful and daring new girl in town, suggests they use the power to save others, Jacob readily accepts. But with every heroic act, the power grows stronger and soon feels more like a curse. After all, how do you decide who lives and who dies?

Jacob has only thirteen days to harness this terrifying power….and to answer a chilling question: what if, in order to save the girl he loves, he has to kill her?

–back cover of Thirteen Days to Midnight

I would give this book two and a half out of five stars. Parts of it were amazing….other parts? Not so much.

This book was unique. I was drawn to it because it was different than anything I had ever read before. It was one of those rare books that I bought without ever hearing about it before. The back cover captivated me that much.

First off, the characters.

These characters were unique. Jacob was a foster kid, which made me happy. I’m so intrigued by the foster system. The old priests in the house Jacob lived in were hilarious. I loved reading about them. Milo and his dad were so unique, like no character I had ever read before.

But Ophelia James? Cliché. So, so cliché. What pops into your mind when I say hot skater chick? Well, whatever did is probably exactly Ophelia James. Not to mention, she was nicknamed Oh. Not a bad nickname or anything but it confused me so much. Every single time “Oh” was said, I wasn’t sure if it was an exclamation or Ophelia. It was very confusing. That being said, Jacob wasn’t represented well as a foster kid either. It was like they used it for convenience and forgot about the effects on a child who has been through the system. It was disappointing.

The plot was interesting. As said above, it was highly unique. Different. Definitely very original, and Carman’s writing style itself was certainly well done. I thought the opening was beautiful.

But while it was unique I feel that towards the end it just got…weird. It stopped being interesting and more made me cringe. Especially when it got to the part where he had to choose whether to kill Ophelia or not. It got…weird. I don’t even want to get into the insta-love. The book takes place in thirteen days—cool! I always admire books like that. But it just doesn’t work for one day a character to meet a hot girl and four days later be in love.

I was able to get through it. Not going to say that I hated it, but it would be hard for me to suggest this book to anyone. But if you’re looking for something completely different, it may be worth a shot.