Wrecked in Love is an adult romance short with some scenes that may not be appropriate for younger audiences.

This Novella/Novelette follows the story of Josephine. She’s a city girl who visited her country family every summer as a child, where she spends time with her cousin and their best-friend Derek. That sets up – you guessed it – a love triangle.

I wouldn’t call this paranormal in any way, as the blurb suggests, but I would suggest reading the information there on Derek as much of that isn’t explained in detail in the story itself.

It’s a short with a sequel. That means from the get-go you know the plot won’t be resolved in this book. I can confirm that it leaves you wanting just a little bit more.

I love the story. Derek, however, I absolutely detest. I need to give a certain amount of credit to Cross for being able to muster up the emotions in me to hate a character as much as I can’t stand this man. Just to be clear, it isn’t his fetish that bothers me, it is his values. He, in my opinion, appears to use women without thought of the consequences when they find out. 

I want Josephine to run & I’ll be checking out book two to find out if she does.

Four out of five stars ~ 18+ readers.