Time Travelers Tea

Pu-erh tea blended with a freshly picked green tea. From something old to something new.  Steeped at 352 Kelvin until your egg timer is done. Go back in time and figure that one out.

Blue Is New Tea

Butterfly pea tea mixed with Jasmine Pearls for an aromatic tasty blue tea. Steeped at 79C or 175F for 2 minutes.


English breakfast tea with a hint of lemon served in a flask. Must be steeped in an old tin coffee pot at 205F or 96C for five minutes and drunk while wearing a monocle.

CyberPunk Dragon’s Tea

Pomegranate cider blended with apple juice and yellow tea to make a lovely, bright red and gold. Served in a black teacup under a blacklight. Steeped at 208F or 98C for 5 minutes.

Gargoyle Tea

A black chai tea served with almond milk, and a cinnamon stick. Steeped at 205F or 96C for 5 minutes.

Alchemist Tea

A green tea served with apple juice. Was is ever gold? Steeped at 175F or 79C for 2 minutes.