Not only do I love book swag, I am also very impulsive – that translates into a lot of different items being purchased to promote my novels – most of which I use as giveaways or in raffles. I pride myself on having some of the most unique ideas, including: live trees, vampire fangs and fortune-telling fish. I’ve even been called the fortune-telling fish author. I may have let that swell my ego a bit – crowning myself as the self-proclaimed Queen of Swag!

After attending Ignite Your Soul, in London, Ontario, I can officially say I have been dethroned. There I was, all set up with my bookmarks and each adorned with a tassel – my face glowing amidst my offerings for the book readers and bloggers who were lined-up waiting to burst through the doors. With the few minutes left before that happened, I took a stroll to see what the other authors were giving away.

Wow! This group had it going on! It was unbelievable. One author stood out far above the others, though. I bow down to the new King of Swag, R.K. Gleason.

As I approached his table the first thing that caught my eye was a pedestal style bowl being supported by tentacles – filled to the brim with purple and green cake pops; all individually wrapped. Around the base were glow-in-the-dark tentacle necklaces. Scattered in neat piles across the table were magnets, bookmarks and postcards for all five of his books. He added in a cup of finger tentacles to complete the look. Another author kindly filled me in with the information that an octopus is his thing.

If you are wondering if swag works – I can tell you it does. I bought the first three books in his series; The True Death, The Vengeful Death and The New Death – without knowing a thing about them. I can’t wait for the surprises I will have while reading!

I admit I didn’t have an opportunity to see everyone’s swag, but there are a few that stood out to me that also deserve to be mentioned:

* Amy Ruttan’s flat doctor bookmark. Who doesn’t like a bit of eye candy while reading romance? This bookmark is even shaped like a male doctor!

* S.J. Maylee’s sleep masks. I am loving wearing the one she gave me. It was, however, a button that read Reading is Sexy that sold me on trying one of her books.

* Jean Kelso’s homemade key-chains amazed me. Writing isn’t her only talent. They are fabulous!

* Friends to the End Book Blog’s Book worms made me smile. Two individually packaged and tagged gummy worms made a great giveaway.

I may have lost my crown this year, but the game is afoot! Take notice authors, next year I plan to take it back! Game On.