The latest Wonder Woman movie was released just 5 days ago, on June 2nd, and already there has been speculation over whether it’s actually plausible for Wonder Woman to keep her sword in her dress.

Wonder Woman fans and writers, rest assured. Just a day ago, on June 7th, Eva Wei posted a few images on Facebook proving that it’s surprisingly plausible.

As a writer, I’m always looking out for character
inspiration. The hashtag Eva Wei created,
#WWgotyourback, simply screams “plot fodder.”


/plät  ˈfädər/

noun. A character, group of characters, scene, action, plot, item, etc. that inspires writers and/or generates an idea that can be incorporated into an author's current or future works in progress. In their natural habitat, writers depend on plot fodder to thrive. Be wary: When enountering plot fodder, writers may jump up excitedly or grab the nearest person by the shoulders and overdramatically express the joy and importance of their epiphany.

Others quickly joined in and posted images of
themselves keeping their weapon of choice down the
back of their dress. As a writer, character
inspiration abounds when I see these images!

Thanks to all those participating in
for sharing such captivating images.

What do you think? Would any of your characters keep their swords in their dress? Have an idea for a character that would? Leave your thoughts in the comments.